Getting Here

Directions from Oistins

- Drive through Oistins until you come to a Y in the road. Take the right turn, and follow the road up to a small roundabout

- At the small roundabout take the middle road (straight ahead), and follow the road for about 2 minutes until you get to a sign post with signs saying, "Silver Sands via Inch Marlow" and "ZED's". Turn right here.

- After this turn, follow the road down and take the second left when you see a signpost with signs saying "Zed's", "Ocean Spray", etc. As you turn you'll notice a lawnmower repairman on your left. 

- This road will curve to the right, and you will see Buffy's Rum shop on your right. (You can also ask for directions here if you need to, but it is a rum shop so their words could be a little jumbled!)

- Turn left at Buffy's, by the sign post that says: "Zed's", "Ocean Spray Apts" and "Surf View". 

- Make a left at Peach & Quiet and the white wall, and follow this small bend to the right. Continue on past Ocean Spray & Surf View and then follow the road as it slightly bends to the right. Now you can see the water! Drive down towards the beach and we will be on your right-hand side. Congrats!

Directions from the Airport

- When coming from the Airport you will need to keep to the left (or straight on) at the Airport round-a-bout. This is the first one as you leave the airport. DO NOT GO ONTO THE HIGHWAY!!

- As you follow the small road from the airport, you will come to a gas station which has a left turn just before it. Take this turn, then follow this road around the runway (landing strip) until you arrive at a right turn (you would have passed the beginning of the runway, and as you are about to take the right turn the runway should be on your left). Follow this road down the windy hill. At the bottom of the hill, continue down a long flat straight which ends at a T junction. Take the right turn. You will pass a local Grocery called Mikes Mini Mart on your left. Take the left turn after Mike's.

- Once you take this left you will need to take the second left, and you should now see signs to Surfers Point and BLUE signs saying ZED's. The road will curve to the right, and you will pass Buffy's Grocery on your right. As you pass buffy's there will be a left turn; take it and you will pass Peach and Quiet, Ocean Spray Apts, Point View and Surf View Villas. The road turns to the right and heads to the beach. We are the last building on the right. 

See you here.

Some Added Resources for Visual Drivers